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When should I get a sports massage?

Generally, people visit the clinic when pain and niggles occur such as back ache, tightness in legs and neck/shoulder pain while others come for regular manipulation and maintenance during training, after stressful periods at work or for relaxation. After your first treatment, you’ll feel the freedom of movement and recognise when tension accumulating again.

How often should I get a massage?

Depending on the complaint I generally advise clients have two treatments close together as muscles are in layers and you need the top ones to relax to work deeper and this deep work may not always be available in one session. Digging in too deep or overworking in one treatment may cause damage and increased trauma to the body. Subsequent treatments become less frequent as exercises and stretches are followed.

What happens during a treatment?

During your first treatment, the therapist will take a client history asking questions about your general health previous and current injuries and complaints.

Next the therapist will perform a postural assessment to identify patterns, misalignments and tendencies through the body. Often pain felt originates from issues surrounding the area so we look at the whole body. The therapist will discuss their findings before hands-on manipulation.

What should I wear?

Clients are asked to dress down for the postural assessment and treatment to underwear or shorts & vest top as it is necessary to see and access the areas concerned. During the treatment the un-treated areas will be covered using towels. Some clients prefer to remain clothed and this is absolutely fine and clothed massage is frequently used at event work.

How can I book?

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