Natural Pain Relief

with Natalie Day

Drug-free Pain Relief

Do any of these sound familiar?

  •  You’re struggling with pain
  • It hurts to get out of bed
  • Pain prevents you doing things you enjoy
  • Headaches are common
  • Your backache just won’t go away
  • You have jaw ache or facial tension
  • You have neck or shoulder pain
  • There’s pain down your arms or legs
  • You have sciatic nerve irritation
  • There is a general discomfort
  • You’re feeling out of balance

If you’re fed up with the discomfort and disruption that this pain brings, or have tried other therapies with limited success and you want to stop taking the painkillers that have become a regular part of your the day then let me help you find a drug-free way to manage or eliminate your back pain.

Not sure if I can help you?

If you’re new to bodywork or would like a consultation and spine check as a starting point then this is the option for you.  These 20 minute sessions are an ideal introduction.

Ready to book?

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Preventative/Wellness Care

What is Wellness Care?

  • Reduces the risk of pain arising
  • Reduces the possibility of pain returning
  • Regular ‘checks’ through the year
  • Preventative approach to health
  • Ongoing educational opportunity
  • Maintains balance
  • Encourages optimum health

Why wait until the pain starts?

Wellness care allows the body to utilise it’s own capacity for self-healing, keeps the nerve pathways running freely and your whole body stronger and more flexible for longer.

Suitable for all ages.

Natalie Day

Owner & Back Care Practitioner

GCC registered (no. 04650), member of Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI), Dorn Method Therapists Association (DMTA) and McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA).

mobile: 07932 726 802  email:

I had been experiencing extreme back pain for over 3 months and was beginning to think it would never end – visits to an osteopath every 2 weeks had not helped. I was recommended to Natalie by another client and after 1 visit using the Dorn method I was considerably better by the next day – I could hardly believe it. The pain has considerably lessened after 3 visits and is now only a slight ache from time to time which recovers quite quickly. If you have back pain, Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic is the place to be.

Angela, Kings Hill

Thank you Natalie! Thank you, thank you.  I am walking round my kitchen at speed and normally for the first time in ages! The difference is amazing. Thank goodness I’ve found you again! I cannot believe the difference already. The pins and needles are greatly reduced as is the numbness.  Even my heel feels a lot better  – incredible!

Carol, Otford