Privacy Policy

What data we need from you and why

We collect and store certain personal information from you, including name, address, phone number and email (in addition to medical data pertaining to your reason for visiting) for the following purposes:

  • To comply with our regulatory body (the General Chiropractic Council) and their standards of record keeping;
  • To enable electronic diary management including appointment booking confirmations and email and text reminders;
  • To enable us to contact you with important information relating to the clinic, i.e. changes to our working hours or fees, advance notice of holiday and locum cover or if we need to make any changes to your booked appointment due to unforeseen circumstances

Record cards are updated at each session or telephone call/text conversation to keep the information regarding adjustments carried out and your response to treatment up to date. These cards are kept securely in a locked cupboard. Only your Practitioner has access to this record.

In accordance with GCC regulations, we are required to hold your data for a minimum period of 8 years after your last appointment (or up to the age of 21 for children, whichever is later). After this period, if we have not heard from you, we will destroy your record card and all data we hold on you. If you wish to return to the Practice after this time we will need to commence a new record card and collect all the required data.

We use a third-party GDPR compliant cloud-based booking system which is password protected. Only your Practitioner has access to the system for the purpose of maintaining your appointments.

The above data are needed for your attendance at the Practice and therefore your consent is required before we can register you as a patient.

We take security of your data very seriously and will never share your personal details. External systems we use are GDPR compliant and reviewed regularly.

Data controller/processor: Natalie Day, Clinic Owner and Chiropractor

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