FAQs for sessions with Natalie

How do I know which session to book?

If you are unsure what would be the right treatment for you then please feel free to contact Natalie for a chat and she can point you in the right direction.

What happens at my first session?

At your first session a full medical history will be taken and discussed so I can start to understand why you might be struggling with a particular pain. There is then a full assessment which examines the whole spine, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet and holding patterns of the muscles.

I may also do some range of movement and neurological testing if there’s the possibility of nerve impingement. The hands-on element is determined by the findings of these examinations and in most cases your first session will include Dorn realignment and a little soft tissue work.

I usually recommend a follow-up a week later to check how you’ve responded to the session.

Follow-up sessions include alignment checks and a combination of Dorn and soft tissue work depending on how you’re responding. We discuss how you’re getting on and this determines the structure of the session.

When we reach the stage that both you and I are happy with the progress made, we’ll discuss an ongoing Wellness Care programme of checks 2 or 3 times a year to prevent further problems arising.

Do I need to bring or wear anything in particular?

If you have medical reports or imaging relevant to the issue you’re coming in for then it’s always useful to see these.

In some cases it’s possible to carry out the session fully clothed, so loose thin clothes are preferable.  Usually issues with the back are best examined visually as well as through palpation so you my be asked to remove any top layers of clothing (except the bra for females).  If you have any concerns about getting undressed please feel free to call Natalie beforehand to have a chat.

Will it be painful?

There may be some mild discomfort around the problem area but the techniques used are very gentle and rarely cause pain.  I use methods which gently release and rebalance the body without forcing any adjustments or changes onto it – this makes it comfortable to receive and usually more readily accepted by the body.

You may feel a little uncomfortable the day after your session, a bit achy or have a headache. This is a sign that things are changing, and by resting and staying well hydrated these usually pass within 24 hours.  An aftercare pack will be given to you at your first session and we’ll discuss possible after-treatment reactions.

Will I be given exercises to do?

Usually I won’t give exercises after your first session as I like to see how your body responds to the changes initiated.  At your second session we may start to introduce some simple exercises to help things along.  These are usually stretches or strengthening exercises to help rebalance the muscles and are things you can do without having to set aside a large chunk of time.  Many of the exercises I suggest can be incorporated into your daily routine or will take a few minutes at the end of the day. If you decide not to do the suggested exercises your recovery may take longer, I’ve found repeatedly that those who do them as recommended make the fastest recovery.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend upon the nature of the problem you’re coming in for.  Many acute (recent onset) cases respond quickly to this type of treatment and often only 2 or 3 sessions are needed before you start to feel an improvement.  Chronic conditions that have been troublesome for 3 months or more can take more time to respond, although this is not always the case.  It all depends on what has happened and how your body has reacted to the injury.

In most cases however, improvements are seen in 1-4 sessions.  In the rare event that you don’t feel better after 6 sessions we’ll discuss referral to a different discipline.

How do I book an appointment?

You can use the online booking system or call to book an appointment.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to keep the online schedule as up to date as we can, it is not always possible as we are seeing clients through the day and availability can change quickly.  You will receive an automated confirmation of booking request but all online bookings are provisional until we have confirmed directly with you.

If you’re a new client booking with Natalie please select the ‘New Client Session’ option and allow up to 1 hour 15 minutes.  PLEASE NOTE – new clients are required to pay for the session in full in advance to reserve the session.  This can be paid online or I can call you to take a card payment by phone.  Appointments are not confirmed until this payment is received and the usual cancellation policy applies (please see our Terms and Conditions). Follow-up sessions will be due for payment at each session.

Follow up sessions are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.  Recommendations for a treatment plan will be discussed at the end of your first session.

All the prices and durations quoted are for my sessions (Natalie) and can be booked via the ‘book now’ button below  or by telephone – 07932 726 802.  If you would like to book a session with another member of the team please contact them directly.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you please call me for a no-obligation chat and I can make the appropriate recommendation.

PLEASE NOTE ALL INTERNET BOOKINGS ARE PROVISONAL UNTIL I HAVE CONFIRMED IN PERSON.  As clients are being booked in throughout the day it’s not always possible to keep the online availability exactly up to date.  If I’m unable to accommodate your requested time I’ll endeavour to offer an alternative that suits you.  It’s my policy to telephone or email new clients ahead of your first session in order to ascertain your needs and assess whether it might be possible to help you.  This is when your requested session will be confirmed so please ensure I have your phone number and email address.

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What if I can't make my appointment?

Please familiarise yourself with my Terms and Conditions and note that I operate a 24 hour late cancellation/no-show policy of full payment of fees.

By booking an appointment for you I’m making that time unavailable for anyone else, so if you fail to arrive or cancel late I’ve then turned others’ away when they could have benefitted. Please respect this, and give plenty of notice if you need to change your appointment.

If you fail to pay for a missed appointment or late cancellation you will not be seen at the Practice until outstanding fees are settled in full.

How much do sessions cost?

£65 – New client session (up to 75 minutes) – payable in advance
£53 – Follow up (60 minutes)
£43 – Follow up (45 minutes)
£33 – Follow up (30 minutes)
£20 – New Client Spine Check (20 minutes)

Please take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions to the right of this page and be aware that I have a no-show/late cancellation policy of full payment of fees and no further sessions will be booked until this is settled.  If  you need to reschedule your session please give as much notice as possible in order that I can make that session available for others.

How can I pay?

New clients are require to pay the full fee in advance in order to secure your booking.  This can be paid online at the time of booking or by card payment over the phone.

Otherwise payment by credit or debit card or cash please, I don’t accept cheques or AmEx.