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At Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic we believe in helping the body to heal itself, and we do this primarily through gentle realignment using McTimoney Chiropractic and the Dorn Method (both available with Natalie) together with soft tissue release techniques. Education about your pain is a big part of the treatment so we help you understand why it might have come about and how you can reduce the chance of it returning in future.

We’re not just about back pain either, in fact we see many clients struggling with other aches and pains who benefit from our approach. So if you’re feeling under par, out of balance or not moving as freely and easily as you’d like, why not give us a call and see if we can help you get out of pain and on with your life.

Sessions with Natalie can be booked here. For appointments with all other practitioners please contact them directly. Details are on their profile pages. Please note: When booking with a practitioner other than Natalie you will need to contact, book and pay them directly. They are not employees of Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic and therefore we accept no liability for loss, damage or dissatisfaction during your experience with them. Please ensure you talk to them ahead of your session to ensure you are booking for the treatment you intend to. We make recommendations in the best possible faith but it remains the responsibility of the individual to check that such is appropriate for them. Booking implies understanding of and agreement to this.