confusedOverwhelmed by the multitude of treatment types out there?

Let us help you out!

With so many options out there it can be difficult to know which provider to use.  Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic based on our client feedback!



1. Our Practitioners specialise in their chosen discipline.

We are a small team of professionals who have each chosen our field of interest and focus on developing our learning in that area.  Rather than adopt a Jack-of-all-trades approach and try to reach as wide a market as possible by each offering a multitude of different disciplines, we believe that you will experience a better service by using a Practitioner dedicated to their speciality.

2. We work as a team and cross-refer where appropriate.

The advantage of working within a team of specialists is that if we feel that you need something additional to help you progress we can refer you to a Practitioner we know and trust will be right for you.  This means that you are getting the best possible care at all times.  As well as our small team we also have a network of other healthcare professionals we can refer you to, so you can rest assured that we will always recommend the course of action we feel most appropriate for you at that time.

3. Our hand-picked team works on many levels to provide what you may need.

With our in-clinic specialities including structural/spinal realignment, soft tissue release and cognitive behavioural therapy, we are able to work with most clients to address not just the physical manifestation but also the possible underlying emotional blocks that are preventing full recovery. So whether you are struggling with a pain that was caused by an injury or something deeper that is now manifesting in a physical way, we have specialists to help you find your way back to optimum wellbeing.

4. We are not about a ‘quick fix’, we want to help you achieve long-term wellness and teach you how to maintain this.

We believe that in most cases the tools to overcome problems are within us, sometimes we just forget how to use them and need a reminder.  With this in mind we work with you to establish the root cause of the problem and then teach you the tools you need to enable you to take a pro-active role in your recovery.  This may be through postural guidance, simple exercises or ways to reduce the daily stresses that can cause such problems. Education is very important to us – helping you understand why the problem has manifested, how you can help yourself and how to prevent it from returning.

5. We do not ‘lock you in’ to lengthy treatment plans.

We do not believe in unnecessary recalls or gimmicks.  We are serious healthcare professionals who want to work with you to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.  For some this may be one or two sessions, for others it may be a longer process.  You can, however, rest assured that we will never prolong your recommended treatment plan unnecessarily.  If you choose to return for regular sessions simply because you enjoy them then we will suggest a maintenance plan appropriate for your needs.  In most cases we find that once the original problem has been resolved to a level that both parties are happy with then occasional top-up sessions are usually all that is needed to prevent relapse. This is what we call Wellness Care – preventative care to keep you in the best possible health.

6. We lead…. others follow!

We offer innovative solutions to help you find ways to reduce or eliminate your pain and have been the first to introduce a range of new therapies to Kings Hill.  These are an enhancement of our skillset and assist us on our journey to mastering our chosen specialisation.  We do not just follow the latest fad or copy our competitors but carefully select our ongoing training to allow us to continue providing you with the best possible care and education. We believe this shows in our sessions and invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

So those are the reasons why we think you should choose Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

© Natalie Percival 2014