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Welcome to Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic, brought to you by BMore Natural.

Located in the heart of the business centre, we are a small team of independent practitioners who share a passion for our work.

Our philosophy is simple – to get you out of pain and getting on with your life as quickly as possible!  We work with you to establish the probable cause of your pain and address this using a combination of skills that have been acquired from 12 years of training and experience.  We do not stick to set treatment ‘routines’, nor do we believe in unnecessary recalls.  Once you are out of pain we recommend ‘maintenance’ sessions to prevent the chance of relapse by identifying potential issues before they become a problem. Most clients find that once the pain has stopped they just love coming in for regular sessions because it keeps them feeling good!

Clients seeking our help typically struggle with symptoms ranging from headaches, backache, jaw ache, neck or shoulder pain, sciatica, pain down the arms or legs or a general discomfort that is difficult to pinpoint or changes from day to day.  Many such problems are caused or exacerbated by poor posture, or may have their origin in some sort of trauma such as whiplash or jarring from trips, falls or car accidents.

Your Practitioner, Natalie, uses a range of assessments together with a combination of spinal release massage, deep tissue massage, pressure/trigger point release and the highly effective Dorn Method of spinal realignment in a 3-step approach to:

  • help you identify why you might be feeling the discomfort
  • offer in-clinic treatment strategies; and
  • teach you self-help exercises and techniques that will help you find ways to manage and alleviate your pain in between sessions and for the long term.

Most sessions will include a postural assessment and a full medical/case history is taken at your first session.

**NEW** Spine Checks – not sure if we can help?  Why not book a spine check to include consultation, assessment and treatment plan for just £15 which is refundable against your first session.

Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic is situated at 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4AE in the peaceful and comfortable Regus building.  There is ample free parking available on-site and a pleasant reception area to wait in if you arrive early.

Please call Natalie on 07932 726 802 for an informal chat to see if this approach is suitable for you, or view the Associates page for all our practitioner contact details.

Also available: Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage (suitable for all stages of pregnancy) and general Relaxation Body Massage.  Please call for further details on these.

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