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It’s no fun living with back pain.

Whether it’s been a few days, a few weeks or years, you just want it to go away now. It wears you down and saps your energy.  It prevents you enjoying life to the full and you wonder if it will ever stop.

Being able to reach into a certain cupboard without that searing pain would make life easier. Being able to get out of bed in the morning without experiencing that dull ache, and put your socks on without feeling 30 years older than you are, would give you a better start to the day. For some these are small things – for those in pain they can be life changers.

Well here’s the good news – MOST back pain is treatable*

See what my clients say

My philosophy is simple – to get you out of pain and moving forward with your life as quickly as possible.

I’m Natalie, clinic owner and chiropractor, and I’ll work with you to establish the probable cause of your back pain and address this using a combination of skills that I’ve developed from many years of training and experience.

I believe in a minimal intervention approach, that is the least number of sessions needed to enable your body to find it’s own way of healing, so you can be confident that each session is tailored to your needs on that particular day and I’ll only suggest as many follow ups as I feel appropriate.

And we’re not just about back pain!

Although back pain is the cause of most visits to the clinic, I also address problems with shoulders, neck, hips, knees and ankles. In fact I’ve worked with clients presenting with all manner of aches and pains, from jaw ache and headaches, to general muscle aches, sore knees, toes and fingers!

My Associates also offer a range of health and wellbeing services**: Please use the menu above for more details.

Most musculo-skeletal pain is treatable so why not give it a try today. You can view more details here.

Natalie Day (formerly Percival) MChiro MMCA
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*Unless there is an underlying pathology/disease.  If you are unsure please call for a chat.  If your back pain leads to sudden and serious neurological (nerve) symptoms including: loss of use of limb, loss of control of bowel or bladder, severe neck pain with headache and/or rash, then please seek urgent medical assistance.

** Please note: When booking with a practitioner other than Natalie you will need to contact, book and pay them directly. They are not employees of Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic and therefore we accept no liability for loss, damage or dissatisfaction during your experience with them. Please ensure you talk to them ahead of your session to ensure you are booking for the treatment you intend to. We make recommendations in the best possible faith but it remains the responsibility of the individual to check that such is appropriate for them. Booking implies understanding of and agreement to this.

Natalie Day MChiro MMCA

Natalie Day MChiro MMCA

What Our Clients Say

After suffering with almost constant back pain for the past 12 months, and after trying numerous different avenues of treatment, it was only after my treatment with Natalie at Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic that I finally started to have relief from the pain and discomfort.

In just three sessions the progress made has been fantastic and I’m now pain-free for the first time in a very long while. Natalie is a highly skilled professional and took the time to really understand my specific problems and then quickly set out to address them. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I just wish I had been treated by her when my problems first started!


Kings Hill

Have had lower back pain for the last 10 years and have seen various people from varying professions to help with the pain. I came across Natalie’s details in a local directory and was pleased that I can book evening appointments to fit around my other commitments.

I have had 4 sessions with Natalie to date and have not had any further episodes of pain. Natalie’s methods are varied and are well suited to my condition. The exercises to take away are also different to any I have previously been shown. She also has great knowledge on posture and how to sit correctly at work.

My previous appointments have all been based on osteopathy and whilst offer some pain relief never provide any long term relief. With Natalie’s methods my back issues are much more manageable and I would happily recommend her services to others.


Kings Hill

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