It’s no fun living with back pain. Whether it’s been a few days, a few weeks or years, you just want it to go away now.

It wears you down and saps your energy.  It stops you enjoying life to the full and you wonder if it will ever stop.  Perhaps being able to reach into that cupboard without that searing pain would make life easier.  Maybe being able to get out of bed in the morning without that dull ache, and put your socks on without feeling 30 years older than you are, would give you a better start to the day. For some these are small things – for those in pain they can be life changers.

Well here’s the good news – MOST back pain is treatable!*

And I may be able to help you.

My philosophy is simple – to get you out of pain and getting on with your life as quickly as possible! 

20140710_194423I’m Natalie, clinic owner and back pain practitioner, and I’ll work with you to establish the probable cause of your back pain and address this using a combination of skills that I’ve developed from many years of training and experience.

I don’t stick to set treatment ‘routines’ and I don’t believe in unnecessary recalls, so you can be confident that each session is tailored to your needs on that particular day and I’ll only suggest as many follow ups as I feel appropriate.

If you’re struggling with back pain through the day, or it hurts to get out of bed in the morning, or your back pain is stopping you from being able to do things that are important to you, then we need to talk.

Clients seeking my help typically struggle with symptoms ranging from headaches, backache, jaw ache, neck or shoulder pain, sciatic nerve irritation, pain down the arms or legs or a general discomfort that is difficult to pinpoint or changes from day to day. They’re fed up with the discomfort and disruption that this pain brings. They’ve often tried other therapies with limited success.  They want to stop taking the painkillers they are reliant upon to get through the day. They want to understand what the problem is, how it came about and be taught ways that they can prevent it happening again.

Does this sound familiar? Would you like to find a drug-free way to manage or eliminate your back pain?

Obviously I can’t make any promises or offer any guarantees (and I would be extremely cautious of anyone who does!) but my success rate is high, especially with low back pain. Have a read of these client testimonials and see if their situations resonate with you.

Following a thorough medical history taking, I use a range of assessments (including orthopaedic and neurological testing where appropriate) to determine the likely cause of the pain.  If appropriate I then address this using a combination of methods in a 3-step approach to:

  • help you identify why you might be feeling the discomfort
  • offer in-clinic treatment strategies; and
  • teach you simple exercises and techniques that will help you find ways to manage and alleviate your back pain in between sessions and for the long term.

Would you like to arrange an appointment to start to address your back pain?

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Not sure if this is right for you?

If you’re not sure whether this approach might be suitable for you then why not book a Spine Check.  This includes short consultation, assessment and recommended treatment plan for just £15 which is refundable against your first session.

What else do we offer?

If you’re seeking a more massage-based session then I highly recommend Heather Bailey  with her wonderful range of relaxing and therapeutic massages.

If you need help with stress management, or are seeking ways to free yourself from harmful habits or phobias then Alania Davis is the person to see.

Where to find us.

Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic is situated at 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4AE in the peaceful and comfortable Regus building.  There is ample free parking available on-site and a pleasant reception area to wait in if you arrive early.


Please call Natalie on 07932 726 802 for an informal chat to see if this approach is suitable for you, or Meet the Team for all our practitioner contact details.

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Also available with Natalie: Pregnancy Massage (suitable for all stages of pregnancy). Please call to discuss your requirements.

*Unless there is an underlying pathology/disease.  If you are unsure please call for a chat.  If your back pain leads to sudden and serious neurological (nerve) symptoms including: loss of use of limb, loss of control of bowel or bladder, severe neck pain with headache and/or rash, then please seek urgent medical assistance.

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